Towards a Systematic Planning of Standardization Projects in Plant Engineering

TitelTowards a Systematic Planning of Standardization Projects in Plant Engineering
MedientypJournal Article
Jahr d. Veröffentlichung2012
AutorenAmberg, M., Gepp, M. & Horn, S.
JournalInternational Scholarly and Scientific Research & Innovation

In today’s economy plant engineering faces many challenges. For instance the intensifying competition in this business is leading to cost competition and needs for a shorter time-to-market. To remain competitive companies need to make their businesses more profitable by implementing improvement programs such as standardization projects. But they have difficulties to tap their full economic potential for various reasons. One of them is non-holistic planning and implementation of standardization projects. This paper describes a new conceptual framework - the layer-model. The model combines and expands existing proven approaches in order to improve design, implementation and management of standardization projects. Based on a holistic approach it helps to systematically analyze the effects of standardization projects on different business layers and enables companies to better seize the opportunities offered by standardization.